K's call (MS)

K's call (Vol 11)


Heads pass thru   separate around 1 to a line   centers right and left thru   Ends pass thru   hinge   centers run   pass thru 

tag the line   partner trade   centers face in you’re home


Heads star thru   double pass thru   face right   ferris wheel   centers turn thru   left touch 1/4   swing thru   centers trade

tag the line   boys trade   touch 1/4   extend   RLG


Heads square thru 2   swing thru   cast off 3/4   girls run   reverse flutter wheel  and sweep 1/4   veer right

Centers walk and dodge   centers run   sides face your partner   RLG


Heads square thru 4   touch 1/4   scoot back   centers hinge   centers swing thru   ends face in   extend   scoot back

centers hinge   centers left swing thru   ends face in   extend   hinge   extend   RLG


Heads right and left thru   heads lead left   veer right   ends circulate   centers walk and dodge   ends run

chain down the line   lead left   allemande left


Heads Star thru   double pass thru   leads u turn back   centers in   cast off 3/4   centers trade   ends run 

centers right and left thru   ends face in you’re home


Heads pass the ocean   extend   swing thru   cast off 3/4   left swing thru   centers circulate   girls run   ends left touch 1/4

centers pass the ocean   center 6 walk and dodge   center 4 recycle   ends face right   centers left touch 1/4   RLG


Heads star thru   u turn back   pass to the center   double pass thru   boys u turn back   centers scoot back   boys pass thru

trade by   swing thru   spin chain thru   ends circulate   girls u turn back   slide thru   allemande left


Heads square thru 2   centers in   cast off 3/4   centers square thru 3   ends fold   left square thru 2   ends fold   slide thru 

ends box the gnat   RLG


Heads square thru 2   swing thru   spin chain thru   ends circulate   girls run   wheel and deal   centers in   RLG